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Move some toys outside!

Hello. My name is Cassandra and I am a kid-toy-aholic...First of all, I admit I just have way too many. Secondly, I can't stop myself from buying more and lastly...I have a really hard time parting with any old ones!…

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Tip of the Day – Spring has Sprung

I'm geeked about the beautiful weather we have been having lately! I'm digging in the garden, wearing my spring coat and I have even dug out my sunglasses. It's offically spring! This is the time to put away that winter…

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Tip of the Day- Magazines

I watched this TLC show last night, "Hoarding- Buried Alive". I have no idea why stuff like that intrigues me so much, but it has the same effect that the show "How clean is you house" does. As soon as…

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