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Macro versus Micro Planning

What if I told you that you can get more done in less time SIMPLY by knowing yourself better? It's true. Planning is the secret to productivity, but in order to plan successfully, you need to know what planning style…

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The Messy Myth Podcast

There is no such thing as a naturally messy person. You are not messy, you simply organize differently. Take a listen to this podcast as I share my insight into "The Messy Myth".

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Borrow Some Motivation

I've been in a funk and the truth is, my lack of motivation is the reason why. I just don't feel like working...or cleaning...or adulting in general. What I really want to do is spend my days watching Netflix in…

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The Clutter Connection

There is a direct connection between our physical environment (aka clutter) and how we feel on the inside. When our home is cluttered, our mind can feel cluttered as well. When we take a few minutes to tame the chaos…

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Abundance versus Simplicity

In today's podcast I talk about my life-long struggle with loneliness, my need to find my place in this world and the importance of knowing yourself better. I am really enjoying Dr Brene Brown's book "Brave the Wilderness". You can…

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Make Your Own Motivation

Are you waiting for motivation to find you? Are you putting off doing things in your life until it feels like "the right time"? Stop hoping that someday you will find the motivation to get started and and make your…

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