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FREE Easter Egg Hunt Riddles and Basket Ideas

By Cas | March 30, 2018

My kids LOVE an Easter Egg Hunt with riddles, and it’s one of my favourite childhood memories too! You can

How to Run Your Home Like a Boss

By Cas | March 29, 2018

In my old age, I’ve learned this crazy little life secret: Sometimes the things in life that seem like work and effort end up being the things that actually make life easier. Weird, but true. Listen to my latest podcast to find out :

Spring Clean your Closet – Extreme Declutter!

By Cas | March 28, 2018

Take a few minutes today to spring clean (aka declutter) your closets! Purge your unused clothing, clean out your closet

10 Spring Cleaning Tips & Shortcuts

By Cas | March 27, 2018

Learn how to spring clean your home fast with these easy spring cleaning tips & shortcuts! For spring cleaning tips

Easter Egg-stravagenza! New Easter Egg Riddles, Decorating and Basket Ideas

By Cas | March 26, 2018

Easter is almost here! I thought I would with you some of my favourite Easter ideas…everything from decorating, egg hunt riddles and gift basket ideas! First, I updated my FREE Easter Egg Hunt Riddles and added a whole NEW PAGE of fun and easy riddles for your kids to enjoy! Solving these quick riddles […]

Easy Spring and Easter Decor Ideas – Dollar Store DIY Decorating

By Cas | March 23, 2018

Decorate your home for Easter and Spring with one trip to the Dollar Store! In this video, I will show

The Self Help Secret That Changed My Life

By Cas | March 16, 2018

I read a lot of self help bos, I’m totally a self help bo junkie. The first few chapters of almost every bo I have ever read has had the exact same effect – I feel energized and motivated to completely transform my life. The only problem is, after a few short days, the motivation […]


Get Organized and Declutter with the “Homeless Clutter” Challenge

By Cas | March 13, 2018

Get Organized and Declutter with the Homeless Clutter Challenge today! Decluttering and organizing your home is easy when you take

How to Organize a Messy Kitchen – Before and After Kitchen Organization

By Cas | March 8, 2018

Today we are cleaning and organizing a messy kitchen fast and on a small budget. Check out the before and

homeless clutter

Homeless Clutter Challenge Podcast and Free Printable

By Cas | March 8, 2018

Are you struggling with clutter on your surfaces? The odds are that this clutter is collecting because it is “homeless”.  Homeless clutter is a real issue for many families, but you can easily declutter these areas once and for all! Listen to my latest podcast for some quick tips to banish the clutter from your […]

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